Keswick Market - Autumn 2017

Post date: Feb 16, 2018 10:42:52 AM

Autumn - Ron Marston and John Heron

Each Saturday on Keswick Market is a great opportunity to share the Gospel with so many who have never heard this message of Amazing Grace.

Our first visitors were from Durham, they told us they had never attended Church, as we talked to ‘A‘ and ‘C’ about the way of Salvation and explained how to know Jesus, they happily took leaflets and the Billy Graham DVD – “The Second Chance.”

A second young couple from Nantwich stopped to chat again never attended Church but were so open to listen as we shared the Gospel, again they also took a Billy Graham DVD.

We had an interesting conversation with ‘D’ and ‘T’ from Whitehaven along with their 3 children who had a go on the Guessing Box, they were so interested we felt it right to give them “God’s Story.”

‘D’ and his Wife from Bradford, shared many family problems and before they left, they took leaflets on “10 Reasons to Believe” and “God’s Story” which explain what God has done for us with a challenge of our response to God’s love.

Our next visitor was a young lady from Indonesia who was working as a Mechanical Engineer in Dundee, we spent some time explaining the Gospel and gave her a DVD “Second Chance” and “God’s Story.” John said “Send me a text when you give your life to Jesus” and also told her he was speaking at Perth 2 weeks later. At 7.30 a.m. on the Sunday morning in Perth, this young lady sent a text asking where the church was, she caught a bus and came to the church and praise God gave her life to Jesus.

Erica who is a Christian and her boyfriend were visiting from Belfast and she is seeking to share her faith with him and we encouraged him to read some booklets and listen to the Billy Graham DVD.

A girl from Newcastle tried the Guessing Box with her partner and 2 friends and were pleased to accept a DVD and “God’s Story” after talking to us for some time.

We also had a good talk with a young lady from a nearby stall and also a local lady who spoke to us, leaving with leaflets and DVD’s to take home.

December - Jim McCallum and John Heron

A real cold Winter’s Day.

‘W’ from Durham came across to us taking “10 Reasons to Believe” including “Christian Faith” and “10 Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God.” We had a long talk and as it was near to Christmas, we gave her “Why Christmas” and explaining how to be saved.

We gave many Tel-it Christmas Cards and Calendars out which were well received .

We gave another “Why Christmas” to a couple from the Philippines, the lady had turned away from the Catholic faith, they are now living in Keswick.

Zoe said she was a Christian and a Buddhist. We had a chat and explained the change New Birth makes in a person’s life, she accepted a number of leaflets.

Jim had the joy of giving a Bible to a girl from Burmuda.

Please pray that the Booklets, Christian leaflets and Calendars which were given to many people and God

will bless His Word and our witness.