Keswick Market - Autumn 2013

Post date: Nov 05, 2013 8:10:59 AM

21 September 2013

A man from Singapore talked of his search for the truth through many different faiths – he was really seeking and took tracts, we also explained Jesus said: I am the Way the Truth and the Life.

A couple from Cleator Moor described themselves as lapsed Catholics. They took the leaflet about life being unfair and Journey into Life.

Bethany had come to Keswick with a friend from Sheffield and had recently been saved while attending an Alpha Course whilst her friend was a catholic but was happy to listen as we explained the Gospel and asked for Why Jesus, we also gave her Reason to Believe.

J. and T. arrived at the stall with their dogs, they lived near Washington, Co. Durham. We suggested they go to Bethany Church after explaining how to be saved when they told us they had a young friend who went to Bethany. We gave them a Testament and Journey into Life. Please pray they will go along to church and be saved.

We spoke to some young people from the North East, E. from Durham and J. from Newcastle who were really searching although E. said she did not believe in God, we gave them literature and J. said he would explain and help her.

Claire from Penrith had been to two churches there although she did not know the Lord so we explained the way of salvation and gave her booklets Life’s Important Questions and Journey into Life.

T. and A. from Tow law had an Uncle who lived near Warcop, they happily took tracts.

Ron spoke to a lady from Durham who had a friend with cancer also another friend who had lost her husband. Having talked to Ron for quite a time, she took the booklet Living with Loss to read and give to her friend.

18 October 2013

We spent some time talking to a dear couple from Skipton – F and R – they had not been attending church for some time. F. was uncertain of salvation and said I am sure it was not by chance we came here today. Pray that they find a caring church and a new chapter in their lives.

A family of 5 children from Nottingham where one of the girls went to Sunday School took tracts on the Family.

A lady from the north east took Reason to Believe. Her Mother following behind shared some Kendal Mint cake and said “I believe” but her daughter did not.

D. a very smartly dressed young man from Whitehaven said I have my own religion, we gave him a Bible.

J. and M. from Essex now living in Guisborough, are Catholics but really searching and have a friend in Malta who is born again Christian. We explained that true Christianity was a relationship. They took 10 Reasons to Believe in Christ rather than religion and Reason to Believe. They also have a 17 year old son and said they would pass on some booklets to him. Pray that the Lord will really speak to old son this dear family.

We returned home thanking the Lord for great weather and for the many opportunities to share the Gospel with people from home and abroad not to mention the many Christians who called to say hello and encouraged us, so many being thrilled to see a witness for the Lord in Keswick.

John Heron and Ron Marston