Keswick Market - August 2017

Post date: Aug 23, 2017 5:12:37 PM

Saturday and it was raining again. It seems each time we are on a show or at the market it is wet!

By 9.30 a young man stopped for a chat and to ask for a Bible for a lady had been talking to him about God at work. It seems he was a chef in one of the hotels. In the past, he said, he had been in trouble but was trying to get back to a life he once had. We talked to him about Jesus and the change he can make to give him a purpose to his life and that he needed to ask for forgiveness for the wrong things he had done. We showed him verses in John 3 of Gods love. He took the bible and said he would read it. We pointed him to the gospels to try first. We promised to pray for him. We long that he will come to faith.

Once it faired up we had crowds. A great number came from the north east on bus trips. Some girls came from Jarrow with their parents. They enjoyed their time at the stall and took tracts and booklets with them. Later on in the day, a group of muslim young men came to try out the guessing box. They were part of a larger group of muslims who were meeting in Fitz Park for a charity event. One young man said he occasionally went to a Cof E Church. We carefully explained the gospel message to them and they went on their way.

A family came from Milton Keynes. The children played on the guessing box, we spoke with their parents and again they left with tracts and booklets.

So many people came ; it is impossible to remember them all. A Pastor came with his Czechoslovakian wife who was a doctor.They took some flipper flappers and instructions of how to use them.

Towards the end of the day, a lady came who said she had visited before, but I didn't remember her. The previous time she had been with a friend who had recently been bereaved. She explained she had been given a New Testament called HOPE and had been reading it. We encouraged her to continue reading and gave her a copy of, " God's Story" to help. Please pray for her in her search for the Lord. "The entrance of Your words gives light ." Psalm 119 v 130 NKJV.

We felt we had another busy day working on the Lord's Business.

Tom O'Donnell and Robert McGibbon 19th Aug 2017