Keswick Market - April 2019

Post date: Apr 29, 2019 7:59:19 AM

On this beautiful Easter Saturday, we were so blessed with the sun shining all day when thousands of people travelled to Keswick to enjoy the wonderful scenery.

We had the joy of sharing the Gospel with many families using the Flipper Flopper for the children explaining the Easter message of the Lord dying for us to cleanse our hearts from sin making us clean to enter Heaven.

A mother with two young girls spent time with the Guessing Box, the older girl asking if she could have a Bible and what a joy to see a young lady leaving carrying her Bible. This young lady was one of many young people who left with the Gospel message to take home after having a turn at the Guessing Box.

Two of three young people stopped to chat, one being `K` who was searching for the Truth asking why Jesus. What a privilege to share how unique Jesus was in his Birth, Death and Resurrection, he took “10 Reasons to Believe in the Christian Faith”, “Christ rather than Religion”, `K` also told us his Father was a Minister, he was happy to take a good leaflet from our Daily Bread – “First Steps.”

`E` was sharing with us that she was being Baptised soon, her boyfriend was not yet a believer. We were able to encourage him to go along to the Baptism and also to make a personal commitment to the Lord himself.

A Muslim couple from Leeds talked a while when we explained about Easter – they were pleased to accept tracts entitled “For our Muslim Friends” and “Who is Jesus the Messiah.” Later a Muslim gentleman spoke to us and happily accepted the same leaflets.

`D` from Scotland came with friends, he stayed to talk a while after his friends went away ahead. Not believing the Bible was true and doubting many other Christian truths, being quite aggressive, we explained that we were not promoting ourselves and gave literature away and because we mentioned this, he condescended to accept “God’s Story” – pray the Lord will reveal the Gospel to him.

We had a good time of witness with an African Catholic family at the Guessing Box. The children took tracts and the parents accepted “What the Catholic Bible Teaches.”

`G` and `L`, a couple with their Mother and Father chatted but sadly the Father was not a believer.

`T` a young mother with two lovely girls stopped as we showed them the Optical Illusion cards, they showed real interest and felt they were seeking. They accepted the leaflets “Purpose of Life” and “Reasons to Believe.”

We left Keswick with the sun still shining, would you with us thank the Lord for the joy of sharing the Gospel with so many people, many of whom had never heard the Gospel, the Good News of Easter. Pray that many lives experience the joy of Salvation.

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron.