Keswick Market - April 2019

Post date: Sep 04, 2019 10:8:20 AM

Keswick is wet today not like last week however people still come and talk in between the showers,the good thing about Keswick you don't see the same people each week: yes there are people that we see regularly but they are few. It's great to meet all these people from many different places and countries throughout the world.

We are privileged to tell the gospel message on the streets of towns and cities in the UK. Here are some we would like you to pray for:

A man who came to speak with me said he used to be a Jehovah Witness (JW) but had given it up and had gone to different churches in the town of Skipton however he could not find peace or faith to believe in GOD. He himself picked up a Bible from the stand and said could he have it so that was OK it was NKJV so easy to read. I gave the tract 10 reasons to believe in life after death, but I thought that Tom would be better the me as he has knowledge of JWs and was able to tell him that he was almost a JW, but then they changed emails so let's hope that he comes to believe through reading God's Word and prayers.