Keswick Market - 31 October 2015

Post date: Nov 06, 2015 1:0:26 PM

As we set up the stall, we were very aware that Winter has arrived: it was cold, thankfully dry till later on in the day. We knew that once British Summertime is over, the market closes at 3.30 but the Market Superintendent soon called by to ask us to stay open till 4.30 as there were many people in Keswick as it was the end of the schools half term holiday. A large group from Newcastle who were staying at the Convention Centre, called at the stall and had instruction in the Flipper Flapper from Tom. A young girl was going to use the Flipper Flapper in their devotionals that night.

A family from Nottiingham called by to greet us.

A large Christian house party from Barrow were staying in a house outside Keswick. All 40 of them must have visited us at some time during the day. A family with a young girl from Accrington enjoyed trying out the guessing box.

A lady took a tract "Why does God allow Suffering?"for her husband to read as he was having a difficult time over the recent death of a relative. She said he had been to two Alpha courses but still was not a believer. Please pray for him.

Still people kept calling by the stall. A family from Leeds, another from Liverpool and two kids from South Shields.

A lady who came from Coatbridge, near Glasgow spoke of the forthcoming closure of their Brethren Assembly due to lack of numbers. The burden was where would they worship in future. Please pray for them .

Two ladies called by who had come from Dewsbury.

A father who lived in Keswick called for the first time ever. Imagine our disbelief at all the times the stall has been available in Keswick and this was his first visit. Probably the visit was more significant than we dreamed.

I had a long conversation with a woman who had been born in Mauritius, but was now living and working in Birmingham as an engineer at Land Rover. She took a tract on, "The power of the Cross."

Two girls from Gateshead and an older couple from Hesket Newmarket spent quite some time chatting.

Joseph, a young man spent time with Tom and learned the message of the Flipper Flapper.

I was impressed with one young woman who came with her sister and her parents. The whole family were Christians and this girl explained hat although she was doing her O Levels, she was more concerned about her service for the Lord. Please pray for her as she considers where the Lord would call her to serve in the future.

This was a day where many tracts were given out and even more conversations were held. Only the Lord knows how we have been used in his plan. A man from Leeds asked for the booklet, "What the Catholic Bible teaches." After conversation, he was also given a New Testament to help in his study.

Tom O'Donnell and Robert McGibbon