Keswick Market – 24 October 2009

Post date: Mar 06, 2010 1:20:28 AM

Robbie Williams and John Heron have kindly provided this report from the Keswick Market.

In contrast to last Saturday, the forecast was appalling. We thank the Lord that most of the day there was no wind and the sun even came out for an hour.

In the morning, we had a long talk to a young lady who was disillusioned with the Catholic Church – we spent time explaining the difference between religion and true Christianity and a relationship with the Lord Jesus – she readily took “Why Jesus”.

Many children stopped to use the Guessing Box giving us the opportunity to hand out sweets, pictures, booklets and bookmarks, not missing out parents who often are happy to accept tracts.

A young Asian man was happy to talk and after explaining to him the simplicity of the Gospel, he admitted to the emptiness in his life and he gladly took a tract and the “On your Mark” booklet. A little while later another Asian man asked for a Bible, do pray the Word of God will produce much fruit.

We returned home encouraged by the many good conversations as we encountered so many open and seeking souls not forgetting other Christians who gave encouragement to us.

Robbie Williams and John Heron.