Keswick Market - 24 August 2018

Post date: Nov 14, 2018 1:19:59 PM

It was great to be at Keswick on a fine sunny day and see so many children taking a turn at the Guessing Box and have the joy of sharing the Gospel with people from around the world.

Our first visitors were a family living in Israel when we had an interesting talk with them.

Two young ladies from Manchester who never attended church but showed real interest as we spoke of the Lord and they took “God’s Story” along with Romans and John’s Gospel.

A lady was searching in the Guessing Box. John asked her if she was to stand at the Gate of Heaven why should God let her in – “Oh I don’t know” she replied. It really made her think saying “I will call again later” - she never returned.

Two children at the Guessing Box along with their parents who lived near Penrith but no church connections, we suggested to them to go to the Church in the Barn as there are so many young people in the church.

Another two young people from Alnwick spoke to us and listened while we explained how to be saved and reach Heaven.

We then had a long chat with two African ladies from Liverpool, one of the ladies was a psychiatrist, they took leaflets including “It Just Happened.”

A number of Christians stopped by and one couple said they were hoping to attend Penrith Gospel Hall.

It was good to have Tom O’Donnell drop in and help us for a while, we appreciate Tom making Flippa Floppers Optical Illusion cards which are a great tool in evangelism.

Later a couple from the North East who were hoping to get married mentioned she was a catholic. “F” was a protestant, we gave Dick Keogh’s testimony CD and other leaflets.

A tiring day but one of great opportunity.

Jim McCallam and John Heron.