Keswick Market - 20 January 2018

Post date: Aug 27, 2018 1:39:41 PM

A new year had dawned and by the twentieth it was our first turn on the market. Is this to be the year the Lord will return? We look to the Lord for his enabling to present him as the Saviour of all who will trust in Him. AS we passed Bassenthwaite Lake, we saw such a beautiful sight. The lake was so still and reflected the hills so perfectly. We could see the makers handiwork in God's creation. We could recall Wordsworth's lines,,,,, The beauty of the morning, silent, bare: Dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty.... so on we drove to the market where we found several stalls empty which is usual just after Christmas. Nevertheless we did have a very busy day.

Of all we talked to, we would ask you to pray for the following people:

    1. A man who at first walked past until I asked him if we could help. He came back and looked over the items on the stall and as we talked of people we knew in Keswick, he accepted a CD about the soul. We explained why we were on the stall. Please pray he will listen to the CD and be pointed to the Saviour.

    2. The crowds of children (and sometimes adults) who are drawn to try out the guessing box. We say this so often BUT it is so useful for getting people to pause and each be given a tract in addition to what we are able to say.

    3. Tom talked to one particular lady as she tried the guessing box. She explained she was a Roman Catholic and didn't want any literature,Thank you.

    4. Another lady told us she was proud to be a Geordie. We asked why she was visiting Keswick, which she explained, was for walking in the lovely scenery. We explained how we had marvelled at the beauty of God's creation as we travelled along the A66. She quickly agreed and showed photos she had taken on her phone earlier that day. As we pointed her to the Bible she said that she thought it was just a book of statistics written by men long ago. She did pick up a leaflet, Finding your way in Lakeland, but put it back. Yet still she talked with us further so I gave her the tract, Man's Best Friend.. It seemed to be acceptable because of her two dogs which she had brought with her. Please pray she reads it herself and discovers God's Goodness.

Lots of people did visit the stall. Keswick draws people from relatively nearby and from all over the world. We were satisfied that the seed of the word had been planted but it is the Lord's work to nourish it, not ours. If you can't help out on the stall, please pray for this work where we get these opportunies. Also persuade your church. assembly or fellowship to pray for us too.

TOm O'Donnell and Robert McGibbon.