Keswick Market - 18 July 2018

Post date: Aug 01, 2018 3:0:44 PM

Ron Marston and John Heron attended.

It was great to attend Keswick Market on a lovely warm day. Keswick was busy with many visitors to the Convention many called to say how pleased they were to see a Gospel witness in the Market, some asking for advice to having a similar work in their town.

Many children and adults called to have a go at the Guessing Box.

“J” and “J”, a young couple from Leeds stopped to talk, sharing how upset they were as a friend they were seeking to help had stolen money from them, this couple had not any church background but shared their own thoughts. We were able to share the Gospel about forgiveness and purpose of life, We gave them “God’s Story” and suggested they may like to take home a Billy Graham DVD, having two titles we asked which one they would like to take to which they said could they take both. “J” called back later and took other booklets, do pray that this young couple will soon find the Lord.

“K” from Edinburgh, stopped to talk with her 5yr. old son who sat with his Ipad, she was pleased to talk and listened to the Gospel having a friend who attended church and felt the fellowship and friendship meant a lot to her. We encouraged her to attend church with her friend. Pray her encounter at the stand will point her to the Saviour.

“S” and P” were unsure of Bible truths and God but appreciated us sharing God’s Word.

“S”and “C” spoke and accepted booklets.

“S” and “D” came along to the Guessing Box and promised to read the booklets we gave them. They were returning home later in the evening.

“S” and “B” from Switzerland happily took booklets.

Two girls came to speak to us saying they were unsure what they believed, one had attended a C. of E. School – we gave them “Purpose of Life.”

It was a thrill to meet a young couple who were to marry soon had just walked into town from the Lake where they had been baptised.

A couple took a booklet focusing on the Christian message around Gardening, they thought it would be great to distribute it to an “Open Garden ” event which a friend is hosting.

So ended another day of encouragement and blessing.