Keswick Market – 17 October 2009

Post date: Mar 06, 2010 1:14:54 AM

Jim McCallum and John Heron have kindly provided this report from the Keswick Market.

We were so blessed with great weather – no wind or rain and lots of sunshine. There were many opportunities to share the Gospel, soon after we set up, a young lady from York stopped and shared how she was brought up as a Catholic but was now seeking the truth, asking for a Bible and taking literature which will show her the way to the Lord.

A girl from Slovakia asked if she could have a Bible and also a lady from Liverpool took a large print Bible. A number of young people came to the Guessing Box, a great opportunity to share with Parents.

One of the stall holders called especially to say how sorry she was to hear of David Locke’s passing away and expressed much appreciation for his words of counsel and help.

We spent quite a time talking to a young man who was a muslim and was now an atheist, he was happy to talk of his spiritual journey and said he would listen to us if we would look on a particular web site. He happily took a Bible and Why Jesus – please pray that the Lord will speak through His Word.

Jim McCallum and John Heron