Keswick Market - 16 April 2016

Post date: Apr 27, 2016 12:35:22 PM

When we arrived at 8:30 on the market, things were already busy with stall holders setting out their wares. It was bright but still with a really cold wind.

Our first visitor was a lady with her twin girls who had come to Keswick for a week's holiday from Widnes. She explained she attended a Roman Catholic Church where she and her daughters were servers. The girls spent some time on the guessing box and were given literature and a flipper flapper each. We explained the message of the flipper flappers which tells of our sin and how we can get right with God.

Next a lady called Debbie from Penrith came by and stayed a long time. She wanted to know about evangelism and witnessing in the open air. We hope she felt encouraged to witness openly for our Lord.

A young lad from Blackpool tried out the guessing box and was again given literature. Our conversation alerted two ladies who were sitting outside the Skiddaw Hotel as they were from Blackpool too. We gave them tracts with pictures of dogs.

People visit from all over the world as well as relative locals. A mother with three children from Newcastle stayed a while to allow all three to try out the guessing box who were also given literature. Esther from Cockermouth tried out the guessing box and we explained God' s love to her.

A Christian lady who originally came from China spoke to encouragement us in the work. After a while she explained she came from Dudley and knew of the work of Open Air Mission. We made the link with our brother Keith Bullock and she had known him too and rejoiced that he was now in glory with the Lord.

A lady from Middlesborough again with three children stayed some time and we had a very good conversation with her and the children were given literature after playing on the guessing box.

Our last visitor was a man who worked as a teacher at a local college along with his two small sons who again spent time on the guessing box.

Overall we had spent time witnessing to God's love to those whom we talked to and those who passed by and read the texts on the stall. Tom also had a talk with a stall-holder who explained he had been brought up in a Jehovah's Witness family but no longer attended. So many people listened to the gospel fervently. Please remember these in prayer that the message sown will grow in their hearts and the Holy Spirit will bring them to trust in the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.

Tom O'Donnell. Robert McGibbon