Keswick Market - 15 September 2018

Post date: Nov 14, 2018 1:22:59 PM

Yet another fine day. Our first visitors were 3 ladies from Tyneside, 3 generations, Grandmother, Mother and Daughter who had just finished University at Newcastle, none of them were Christians so we encouraged the daughter to attend Jesmond Parish Church as she lives nearby, knowing she would meet young Christians, she was really open to the idea and also took “Reason to Believe.”

“S” a middle aged gentleman from Derbyshire who had done research in Lead Mines at Alston happily took “Purpose of Life.”

Yet another couple from Newcastle in their 20’s spent some time listening as we shared the Gospel and encouraged them in the words of the leaflet “Start over Again.”

“Y” a young lady from Notting Hill, we gave her the 1 million pound bill. This lady attended the Unitarian church. After we talked we gave her “Start over Again” and she asked us for “Why Jesus”.

Another lady from Halifax with children listened as we explained the Gospel with the Flippa Flopper and a card and she accepted the “Start over Again” leaflet.

A 10yr. old boy had a great time at the Guessing Box, not to mention the sweets, he took away the “Josh and Jade” leaflets. His Dad was across at the Hotel, John went across to speak to him discovering he was living in Gateshead, he as a former alcoholic and now helping others who were addicted to alcohol and helping them to get back into employment. John suggested that to know Jesus and experience the New Birth would be a blessing and a real help. He took a number of leaflets which would be helpful to him and people he works among and we told him he could contact us if he needed more literature.

Two ladies on a bus trip called at the stall, “A” said “Guess where I am from”, John said Romania which was right, she was surprised John knew many places in her country, she was from a Romanian Orthodox church and her friend from an Indian Orthodox church. What a joy to share the real Gospel to these two ladies who were from a religious background.

Just before the time on the market ended, we met a more local couple from Workington, they accepted “Reason to “Believe.”

It was a day when the sun shone and we trust the Gospel of God’s Son shone into the many cold and empty hearts.

Jim McCallam and John Heron