Keswick Market - 15 September 2012

Post date: Sep 20, 2012 9:18:56 PM

Our visit to Keswick Market was a day full of surprises, the first being that the weather was wonderful with sunshine most of the day. As usual we had a great welcome from the adjoining stall holders.

John had a long talk with a young couple from the Manchester area, neither of them were Church attenders but they did have connections with people who were Christians. They both listened intently as the Way of Salvation was explained to them asking many questions. We explained about Christianity being a relationship It was great to see them accepting two booklets “Why Jesus” and “The Reason to Believe”. Please pray that this young couple will seek Jesus as their Saviour.

Lee was one of a number of Chinese students from Durham University and was studying a Masters degree in English and then hoping to return home to teach English. This young lady had little understanding of the Gospel or the Bible but drank in the Word of Life as we shared with her, she was so amazed at the Gospel message saying this is wonderful and she wanted a photograph so that she would never forget the occasion. What a thrill to see her taking away a New Testament and John’s Gospel along with a copy of “Why Jesus” We gave her contact details to let us know when she gives her life to the Lord.

We spoke with an older couple who were Hindus followed by a couple who were Jehovah Witnesses when we explained we were not promoting religion but sharing the Good News of Salvation.

P introduced himself as one who attended church and asked for a Bible saying his minister said we need to take some parts of the Bible with a pinch of salt. We told him that we did not believe that was true as the Bible says that all scripture is given by inspiration of God and he asked for the booklet “10 Reasons to believe in the Bible” along with the tract “NOT JUST ANOTHER BOOK”.

A lovely Christian couple called to encourage us who belonged to the Christian Bikers Association . They returned to the stall with a Bible specially for Bikers included in the Bible are testimonies of Bikers who have become Christians.

A couple who were farming in Ohio called and chatted sharing their faith as did a couple with their daughter who were Menonites.

It was also good to meet a number of folks from Whitehaven and Workington, all who took tracts. We pointed out to them that should they need more help or information there were contact details of a young couple from The Highlands at Whitehaven who would help them.

We returned home thanking the Lord for having such a great message to share – KEEP PRAYING.