Keswick Market - 15 Aug 2015

Post date: Sep 14, 2015 11:56:24 AM

People travel from all over the world to visit the stall in Keswick Market! true?

From Northern Ireland a couple who belonged to a small independent fellowship were on holiday with their three small children. They said that where they lived, there appeared to be more Jehovah’s Witnesses than those who worship Christ Jesus.

From USA a believer gave greetings and said how pleased he was to see us there but expressed concern about the growing liberalism within the church and secular laws in so many nations treat Christians so badly.

From Plymouth A family were on their way home but stopped by to give us encouragement.

From Northumberland An Indian man visited us three times. We sympathised with him in his need for employment. He was very mixed up in his thoughts about the Lord, and did have many problems. He took a Bible. He seemed to know, “Christian Jargon” but needed faith and an encounter with the Lord Je sus.

From Keswick Three young children who struggled to fit objects in the guessing box with Bible stories, explained “We don’t get taught much religion in school.” yet a group of 3 lads from a Christian camp of 24 displayed good knowledge of the scriptures

From Newcastle A young woman with her three children spent quite some time with us. She was in her third year of training to be a nurse.

From South Africa

  1. A lady said she came from an area where Zulus lived. She said she saw Bibles being carried with them everywhere they went. She took a flipper-flapper to show the message of Salvation.

  2. Another SA lady who was visiting her grandchildren who live in the North East.She visits for two months every year.She took a Bible for her 17 year old grandson

From Down South a retired couple were looking after their grandchildren. They belonged the Salvation Army but not all their children or grandchildren were believers.

From Edinburgh A retired pastor was having a holiday in Keswick and pleased to make contact with us.

Then there were people from Birmingham, South Shields, Chester, County Durham, Scotland, Dumfries, Penrith, Cockermouth, so many people......

Overall 31 flipper-flappers were given out,along with the spoken message. 20 penny tracts (see attachment) and many copies of Man’s Best Friend. A Bible was given to a needy soul and a several copies of gospels. All In all, a profitable day in spreading the gospel.

Tom O’Donnell and Robert McGibbon.