Keswick Market - 08 August 2009

Post date: Mar 06, 2010 1:23:18 AM

John Heron and Alan Evans have kindly provided this report from the Keswick Market.

It was great to see the sun shining at Keswick as we set up the stall.

We enjoyed a wonderful day of witness for the Lord. A group of young people arrived - one lad in particular asking for a Bible which he promised to read. While we were still talking to these young people, a middle aged man walked up and spoke to Alan saying, “I would never normally come to a stall like this but a number of circumstances have taken place in my life which are more than coincidences. I am beginning to think there must be a God and need some answers.” It was a joy to help this seeking soul. We gave him ’10 Reasons to Believe in the existence of God’ – please pray he will find the Lord.

A lady came looking for a booklet for a friend who was dying of cancer. After searching for a suitable tract, she left only to return in an hour asking for more as the tract was so good and she had other friends who would benefit from the tract. What a privilege to share the Gospel to both young and old as they passed by and took tracts and how blessed we were to meet a good number of Christians from different parts of the country and we left with the sun not only shining in the sky but in our hearts.

John Heron and Alan Evans