Keswick Market - 01 July 2018

Post date: Aug 22, 2018 12:47:10 PM

Usually we complain about the weather at Keswick, but not this time : it was absolutely glorious and the streets were heaving with people from all around the world.

One early couple were from New Zealand ! They were Christians and delighted to see us there. She took some literature and a DVD of Mary Jones and her Bible to use back home.

Two sisters called by from Bedlington. They had visited the stall previously and took away some bookmarks and pictures with texts. Another couple came from the Isle of Wight and stayed quite a while chatting , profitably we believe.

The day continued to be very busy with lots of children trying the guessing box and chats with them and their parents. A couple called where the husband was in a wheelchair. He asked for a New Testament so we gave him one called Hope which is a NKJVersion, along with some Daily Bread Notes. He does go to church at home sometimes with his wife in Scotland. Please pray for them that they will find the Lord as they search the scriptures and that the church they attend will help them to grow.

A couple from Carlisle who attended a church there with their children, explained they were Roma gypsies . (not travellers) They were shown how to use the flipper flapper and they took some with them, along with tracts for their children.

As we were closing down, a young couple from Newcastle explained they had been travelling all day. We still had time to talk to them and pass on some tracts to help them find the Saviour.

If we could remember all the people who visited the stall and the places they came from and managed to write them all down, it would take many pages. On the whole, it was a good day. Lots of people were contacted with the gospel who would never have gone to church or any other meeting. Likewise we wouldn't have tried to speak to them but for the stall. God says his word will not return to him void. So again more seed has been sown. Please pray for the next stage, that the seed will have landed in good ground and grow and multiply.

Keith Daymond and Robert Mc Gibbon.