Hesket Newmarket Show - August 2019

Post date: Sep 17, 2019 2:21:50 PM

Hesket Newmarket is the smallest show in Cumbria that CGO attends, Once the van had safely accessed it’s allotted pitch and the display set out, David was able to do his ‘’Good Works’’ for the day by assisting the trader next door (a coffee vender} to erect his Gazeebo.

The morning was quiet, mainly due to the fact that it rained almost continuously and the display outside the van had to be covered with a polythene sheet.

The afternoon saw showers of very heavy rain interspersed with brief periods of sunshine, but despite the weather the numbers visiting the show increased during the afternoon and some of these did speak with those attending the van. A man from Norwich spoke to David about the state of the ‘’Church’’ in the UK. He spoke of a Golf Course being installed in a Cathedral! While he didn’t agree with this he appeared to be more interested in maintaining a ‘’traditional’’ religion rather than having a personal relationship with God. He was however happy to accept some helpful literature including the leaflet’’4 things God wants you to know’’. There were many dog owners that passed by the van who were willing to accept the leaflet ‘’man’s Best Friend’’. At least two of these who after initially refusing the literature, saw the picture {a dog} on the front of the leaflet and then were happy to accept it.

Because of the weather the numbers visiting the show were less than in previous years. The pitch next door to the CGO stand was occupied by a Marquee from the Hesket Newmarket Free Church and it was good to have fellowship with the believers there.

David Johnston and Kevin Roy