Dalston Show - August 2019

Post date: Aug 16, 2019 10:53:39 AM

The weather forecast for the day of the show was not good with very heavy rain expected for much of the day. There had already been a considerable amount of rain overnight and some of the roads leading to Dalston were impassable. On arrival at the show field we were advised that the organising committee had just held a meeting and had decided to continue to hold the show with the exception of the horse events. Vehicles which were not necessary as part of a display or trader’s activities were banned from the field and this left the occupants of their stands with the task of carrying their goods and display items from the car park. Tractors were already in use towing other vehicles to their allotted pitches.

Because of the weather the morning was very quiet with almost no members of the public passing the van. One early visitor to the van was a middle aged gentleman who had obviously been giving a lot of thought to religious matters. He questioned first of all, ‘what was the Authorised Version’’ and said he did not want to start reading any religious documentation that was not original and accurate. He particularly queried the beliefs and religious books of the Muslims (Koran), Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons. He was genuinely searching for the truth and went on to raise the issue of same sex marriage and homosexuality. It transpires that he had a married brother who had recently left his wife and two children to enter into a relationship with another man. This had deeply affected him and while he had maintained friendship with his brother he was confused as to how this could happen. During a long conversation the Biblical definition of marriage, the condemnation of homosexual activities and the Way of Salvation was explained. He left after happily accepting some helpful literature including ‘’Pathway to Peace’’,’’4 Things God wants you to Know’’ and ‘’God’s Story’’.

The afternoon saw a slight increase in visitors to the Show and a few children who ventured out visited the Guessing Box between the showers.

Kevin and Robert had a very long talk with a gentleman (retired Secondary School Teacher} who appeared to have little knowledge of the truths of the word of God. He was not a local but said he was thinking of relocating to the area. He did not attend a church put seemed to put great emphasis on living an upright life. The way of Salvation was clearly explained to him and he readily accepted a Bible and a number of tracts explaining how he could be reconciled to God.

Because of the continuing inclement weather most stallholders began dismantling their stalls by 3pm and left shortly afterwards.

We look to the Lord that the literature given out explaining the Way of Salvation will be read and the readers led to turn to the Lord.

David Johnston, Robert McGibbon, Kevin Roy.