Dalston Show - August 2015

Post date: Sep 11, 2015 12:24:18 PM

The weather for the day of the show was hot and sunny and this no doubt was at least partly responsible for the record number of visitors who entered through the gates .The local press was later to report that in excess of 7000 people visited the show . The majority of these during the course of the day would most likely have passed where the van was sited and even though they may not have stopped to talk would have at least been reminded from the display texts that Jesus is the way to the Father. As usual, the principal attraction for children was the Guessing Box together with the clock . The clock is a battery operated device with a series of questions and the children choose one of these questions by pressing the appropriate button switch . They then choose the answer by pressing a further switch adjacent to a number on the clock face . If they answer correctly , music is played . Both of these aids enable their knowledge of the bible to be explored and the way of salvation to be explained .A further advantage is that on many occasions younger children are accompanied by their parents who also hear what is being said During the course of the day it is estimated that over 50 children were spoken to . Some of these had almost no knowledge of the Bible .A few had a much greater knowledge but were unable to identify the spiritual significance of the events e.g.”Why did Jesus die on the cross”?answer “because he was bad “All the children received helpful literature and three or four also received Bibles

A Roman Catholic lady visited the display and upon seeing the publication “What the Catholic Bible Teaches” asked if she could take one .During the conversation it became obvious that she was relying upon the church and her attendance for salvation .She was given a”Why Jesus?”leaflet and the publication “What the Catholic Bible Teaches “

Tom had the privilege of having a long conversation with the leader of a local Scout Troop. The outcome was that he secured an invitation to visit the troop to present 40 bibles to the scouts.

A lady from a church in Carlisle that is not known for any evangelical teaching , stopped to say how pleased she was to see the display of Christian literature .During the ensuing conversation it appeared that she was concerned at the state of the world , the increase in violence and the rise of non Christian religions . She left with a copy of “10 Reasons to believe in Jesus “ .

A number of other adults attended the display and all received appropriate leaflets when they left.

Continue to pray for all who were spoken to and received literature .

Seed was once again sown and we look to the Lord that in due course it will produce fruit.

David Johnston and Tom O`Donnell