Dalston Show - August 2014

Post date: Aug 25, 2014 8:27:0 PM

The weather for the Dalston Show was ideal for encouraging a good attendance . Warm and sunny all day .Once again the CGO display van was sited opposite a caravan of one of the leading political parties while next to the “van” was a trade stand of a Christian business man . It was soon discovered that both the sales person manning the business tent and one of the assistants acting for the politicians were believers . During the course of the day both Robert and David were kept busy with a constant stream of visitors to the stand and the guessing box was particularly well used. On occasions there were queues of children and teenagers waiting to try their expertise in identifying the objects in the box. Identification of the objects gave an opportunity to link these to a biblical story . All visitors to the box were given literature suitable to their age together with a “reward “ sweet.

Conversations held with adults revealed the huge diversity of beliefs that are held. A lengthy conversation with a young lady from Penrith centred on the “after life “. She was a strong believer in reincarnation and was convinced that life now would determine her future reincarnated life . She was however unable to say what form that life would take. She left with a copy of the booklet “10 Reasons to Believe in Life after Death “.

Two older teenagers (young man and girlfriend ) brought their differing opinions on religion . She proudly confirmed that she was an atheist while he was confident that there was a God . An amicable 3 way debate then took place not only between the van witness and the couple but also between the couple themselves .The existence of God was affirmed to them both and that salvation was only through his son. “No man cometh unto the father but by me “They left with literature and the booklet “10 Reasons to Believe in God “

An older gentleman visited the stall to declare that he knew where the van was kept. He evidently operated a mobile shop and on his weekly round had observed the van parked at David`s home. During the ensuing conversation he revealed that he had been baptised twice over . Once as a Roman Catholic and once as a C of E .He now called himself an Anglo Catholic but sadly he appeared to placing his faith in the church rather than the saviour.

It was noticeable that there were quite a number of holidaymakers at the show . One lady from London (a Christian )came to give her encouragement and say how pleased she was to see the witness . She insisted on leaving a donation for the work before leaving.

During the course of the day many other conversations were held and the way of salvation explained. The seed has been sown and we now look to the Lord for the increase .

David Johnston and Robert McGibbon