Dalston Show - 11 August 2018

Post date: Aug 22, 2018 12:43:48 PM

Show Day started bright and sunny and this encouraged early visitors .Arriving before 9 am ,a 10 year old boy was the first to visit the CGO display .His principal attraction was the Guessing Box . Sadly however his knowledge of the Bible was almost non-existent . With no Sunday School or Church attendance background and no RE teaching at his school, he was unable to quote any instances in the Bible that spoke of either snakes, fish, boats, Judas, sheep or lions .He was however able to identify that Jesus died on the cross , although the reason for this was way beyond his knowledge . The lack of knowledge and his willingness to stay and talk did provide an opportunity to explain some of the stories connected with the objects in the Guessing Box . He happily stayed for over half an hour and finally left with a number of helpful children`s leaflets .

During the day there was a steady stream of children(and sometimes adults ) to the Guessing Box . Many were the occasions when an adult (either parent, grandparent , aunty ,/uncle ) with one or more children would stop by the “Box” and while the children were occupied with its contents and either David or Robert , there was opportunity to speak with the adults . Many of these were willing to talk and afterwards leave with literature explaining the Christian message . e.g .Mans Best Friend, Family Matters , Finding The Way in Lakeland etc.

It is always encouraging when believers call at the stand and make themselves known. A young man (late teens ) with his Aunt from Blackpool came to view the display . During the conversation the young man said that he had trusted the Lord only 2 weeks ago and that he was now looking for literature that would help him grow on his walk with the Lord . He was happy to receive a copy of “Daily Bread” together with other helpful aids .

A retired C of E vicar now living in the North East and currently worshipping at an Evangelical Presbyterian church came to visit . While speaking with him it was good to learn that he was originally from Carlisle and had attended in his youth some of the local evangelical churches. David and he were able to recall the names of some of a previous generation of believers .

Late in the afternoon an elderly well dressed gentleman came to view the literature . It turned out that he was a Jehovah Witness living near the Scottish Border . Robert was able to speak with him , particularly on those areas where the JW teaching diverged from the Bible . The man was happy to talk and listen to what the Bible taught but after approximately half an hour of amicable conversation and refusing to accept any literature , he left .Pray that even now he may reflect upon what he heard .

David Johnston , Robert McGibbon ..