Cumberland Show - July 2011

Post date: Sep 08, 2011 9:58:1 PM

We appreciated David Johnston taking the Van on to the Showground early in the morning, but, once again the Show was not favoured with good weather and we did not occupy the best site, nevertheless, we were given many opportunities to share the Gospel.

A neighbouring Stall Holder came along and was happy to chat and accept literature his daughter came along to the Guessing Box as did a farmer’s two young daughters. A little while later a young girl spoke to us saying she did not believe in God, nevertheless she accepted tracts.

Four teenage boys came along saying we believe in evolution. We explained it was only a theory and not a fact. We asked them if there was anything they had ever bought which was not made, we looked at a smart car saying how great it was but of course, it was designed and manufactured not evolved. We showed how wonderful the Universe was and how amazing the human body was – they all took tracts – do pray they will discover not only the God of Creation but the God of Redemption.

We later had a long talk to 4 girls all brought up as Jehovah Witnesses, one girl in her 20’s seemed to do most of the talking. Do pray the Lord will reveal the truth to them as we believe they are seekers.

Three young men from Alston came along one had printed on the back of his ‘T’ the slogan “The ‘Village Idiot”. After a few jokes and fun with them, they left with leaflets. We hope they left believing that only a fool would say there is no God.

Martin from the Lake District came with came with his wife and four children and although he was not a believer, we felt his wife was encouraging the children to have a go at the “Guessing Box”. Martin asked many questions although he tried to appear very sceptical. We trust he will find the Saviour – do pray for this dear family and particularly for Martin as he has a serious illness.

Before we left, Adam from Morecambe who had only been saved 2 years joined us sharing his testimony. We encouraged him and gave Adam some RBC Daily Reading Notes.

On our homeward journey we praised the Lord for many opportunities to share the Good News.

Point for Prayer Keep on Praying

    • The neighbouring stallholder

    • Four Teenage boys believe in evolution

    • Four Jehovah Witness girls

    • Men from Alston & Martin and his family

Point for Praise

    • Many opportunities to share the Gospel

Frank Lonney and John Heron