Cumberland Show - 17 July 2010

Post date: Aug 10, 2010 11:28:57 PM

David Filby and John Heron have kindly provided this report from the Cumberland Show

We were glad David Johnstone had taken the Van on to the site as this was a new venue for the Show but disappointed with the wet and windy Cumbrian weather.

A number of families called and children left with books. On three different occasions people called describing themselves as of the Catholic faith , some were nominal and other disillusioned and we were able to share about a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Two young people arrived at the stall later to be joined by his Mother who told us that ‘faith’ was in yourself and you could make peace with God when you died. We shared the Gospel with her and she happily took several books. Please pray for her son and his girlfriend who was a member of the Baptist Church. Pray that this young lady may be given wisdom to share the Gospel with her boyfriend and his Mother.

A College student came and sat in the van to shelter out of the rain – he was from a High Church background and he listened well as we shared with him the Gospel and he took literature.

One of the most encouraging contacts of the day was the nearby stall holder from Aberdeen who called to talk with us on two separate occasions when he shared his problems. We believe he is really seeking God and happily took away helpful booklets.

David Filby and John Heron