Cumberland Show - 16 June 2018

Post date: Aug 01, 2018 2:59:19 PM

Present: David Johnston, John Heron.

As the weather forecast predicted, Carlisle Show day was a rainy time. Although it rained, we had many young people at the Guessing Box and a number of great conversations.

A lovely couple, Z and D, from Newcastle, spent quite a time talking to us, they were the only young people in the church they attended, having never heard the Gospel, we explained their need to be Born Again . David gave them John’s Gospel including “7 steps to knowing God” and “God’s Story”, taking them through the prayer, we encouraged them to attend an Evangelical Church such as Jesmond Parish Church.

“L” stopped to speak to us for quite a while with her two dogs, living on a farm near Corbridge with many arable acres and a good number of sheep, she enjoyed her work as a Nurse. We encouraged her to seek the Lord, she mentioned that her friend was a keen Christian, pray she will hear the Gospel again as we suggested she attend an Evangelical Church which her friend attended.

A young lady from Workington shared her experience of being adopted giving us the opportunity to give her some leaflets. Her foster Father told us of some terrible things he had seen when in the forces in Ethiopia which had really impacted his life. We spent time listening to him and gave him the helpful leaflet “10 Reasons Why there is Suffering in the World”.

Sab from Peru had seen many different religions including Hindu, we explained the contrast between other faiths and Christianity. What a joy to tell of a Living Saviour.

We left the Show ground in the rain but thanking the Lord for the joy of sharing this amazing Gospel.