Cockermouth & Silloth Shows and Keswick Market - August 2008

Post date: Sep 28, 2008 9:54:39 PM

Robert and Moira McGibbon report from their times at Cockermouth ,Silloth and Keswick:

Cockermouth Show - 02 August 2008

Give thanks for weather good enough to get on and off the showground safely.

Particularly pray for the lady who had been bereaved of two of her sisters in recent years before she became a Christian some 18 months ago. Then just 6 weeks ago her husband, texted her to say their marriage was over, leaving her to bring up three teenagers. She testified of how the Lord is helping her and she can see how her husband was holding her back in her walk with the Lord. Please pray for this amazing woman.

Pray for an elderly gentleman who commented that although he had lived in Cockermouth for 2 years, he hadn’t been able to settle in a church that preached the Bible as the Word of God. We were glad to point him to a few within a short car ride away.

A lady from Tallentire came to greet us and ask for prayer for her daughter who had moved in with her, from the South with her three daughters after the break up of her marriage.

Silloth Show 21 - June 2008

The weather proved to be the governing factor in the work this year. The fine drizzle from the out-set grew heavier and heavier until most people went home.

It was good to have fellowship in the work with Tony Whitmore from Silloth and Tom O’Donnell from Seaton.

Pray for the good number of kids who tried the guessing box and were given tracts, that these will be read. Each one has a stamp on the back so that they can make contact after reading if they wish.

Pray for the lady whom Tom had a long conversation with. She seemed mixed up in her beliefs about the Bible and was dabbling in the occult. Later, after we had packed up and left, she had come back looking for us. A Christian lady who was on the next stall, telephoned us at home and we were able to take some more literature to Silloth the next day for the same Christian lady to pass on to her.

Keswick Market

Keswick is always a lot busier than the shows and we seem to slot into the routine much quicker there.

Give thanks for the couple, who called at the opening of Keswick Convention. They related how they had met David and Syd at Penrith a year ago and were so impressed with the witness of “Cumbria Gospel Outreach,” that they had gone home to set up market stalls with other believers in the towns round about their home.

We would still ask you to pray for a man who was with us quite a few months ago. He spent over an hour talking of the things of God and was so close to receiving Jesus as his Saviour. He may be still in the Keswick area as he was doing up a cottage he had bought.

Robert and Moira McGibbon