Cockermouth Show - July 2011

Post date: Sep 03, 2011 12:37:36 PM

The day dawned absolutely beautiful. The whole show was a lot busier than usual, with more animals and more stalls than usual so we were in for a busy day. Although I arrived at 8-45 am, Frank had already been ask to move to a site on the corner which was even better, than the original location.

A lady from the Round Table Organisation was an early visitor and shared methods used at her church how to reach un-churched people with the gospel. As she chatted we came to know she was in fact a lady vicar in the Church of England.

The guessing box was used by a great number of children, teenagers and parents. Each one was spoken to and given a suitable tract or a copy of “Wonder Book.”

One gentleman called with his children who seemed to have an Assembly background in Scotland but was now living in Cumbria. He was offered a bible but said he had one but didn’t read it enough and was now attending a Methodist Church.

One stall-holder said he had been baptised as a teenage believer in Leeds. He was keen to make himself known to us and to chat but refused all literature.

A Christian Couple from Ireland who were staying in Keswick asked for recommendation for a church to worship at the next day. As they were familiar with the work of the Faith Mission, we were happy to suggest Lake Road Congregational Church, where we hoped they could meet Gordon Bingham from the Faith Mission who usually worships there. (Incidentally, Lake Road Church stores all the equipment for Keswick Market for us.)

A visitor from Canada accepted tracts after a long conversation.

In all it was a good day in spreading the “Word.” Who knows how many homes in Cumbria and even beyond have had the message introduced. Please continue the work by praying that the literature given will be used and the conversations remembered.

Ps 119 v 105

Frank Loney & Robert McGibbon.

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