Cockermouth Show - August 2019

Post date: Sep 30, 2019 4:18:3 PM

Although the weather had been poor all the week before, we decided to just use the gazebo for the show to save the double journeys to Penrith. The weather really does make a difference at shows. Please pray in future for all shows that the weather will be suitable. The weather at Cockermouth was glorious, we felt truly blessed. On our allotted site, we had Reays Coaches on one side and the Freemasons on the other side.

As usual, the morning seemed to pass slowly with not many visitors but by afternoon people were queueing to try out , "Splat the Rat!" This is a game well known in Scouting. A"RAT," fashioned out of tubes wrapped in layers of sticky tape is dropped down a piece of drain pipe and the skill is to hit the rat with a bat just as it drops out of the bottom of the drainpipe. The guessing box still proved popular and all visitors were given literature or a flipper flapper to tell others of the Lord Jesus.

We were able to witness to so many people. Tom accepted literature from the ladies manning the Freemasons stall so they willingly took ours. As before, we met a first aider who impressed us with his bible knowledge. Last year we later met him again in McDonalds and had the opportunity to engage him in conversation about spiritual things. We even had groups of Scouts coming to the stall. Perhaps because of the game. Both Moira and Tom have worked with Scouting so it was a point of contact to begin conversations about the Saviour.

Overall we think it was one of the best days we have had at a show. We can talk about Jesus openly to people, young and old, who don't go to church but they will take home portions of Gods word that they may or may not turn to in time to come. Please pray particularly for these young people growing up in a world that has less and less thought of God. They need our prayers so much.

Tom O'Donnell, Robert and Moira McGibbon.