Cockermouth Show - 05 August 2018

Post date: Aug 22, 2018 7:37:22 PM

Here we are again at Cockermouth Agricultural Show! We have been here with the van a few times but certainly not all the 168 times the show has been in existence. We checked the weather forecast eagerly every day because we were hoping to take the gazebo instead of the van. By Friday we were sure it was going to be fine so all systems were "go!" after a week of rain. It makes such a difference to the numbers of people attending the show and in turn the number of people that come by our stall. We were rejoicing at how good is our God who helps us in the slightest effort we make to proclaim the gospel.

Our pitch was between the Cumberland News stall and Age UK. Most of the time we were busy with children playing on the guessing box and talking to their parents of the good news of the Lord Jesus, sometimes by the aid of flipper-flappers, sometimes by just talking to them of why Jesus came and what he did for us sinners by dying on the cross in our place.

A group of about forty American Ladies who were studying Agriculture in Britain stopped at the stall. The conversations we had with them told us they were believers so they took with them some tracts to use at college and back in the USA. How easily the word can be spread well beyond our shores.

One lady whom I have met at Cockermouth Show before and several other shows, asked for a Bible and with it took several tracts. She and her husband have now retired and enjoy going round the shows. What shook me as she left us were her words, !I am not ready yet!" Do pray for her that she will have time to repent of her sin and turn in faith to the Saviour.

We had many conversations that day but one that stands out was with two ambulance women on duty on the field who were from Liverpool. They went away sure they knew the way of Salvation.

Some might ask why we keep going to the shows and market? We are very conscious that we are often speaking to people who as yet would not enter a church or even read a Bible. please pray the Lord will add to His church some who were pointed on the way by reading a tract or listening to what we were able to say to them,

Tom O'Donnell and Robert McGibbon.