Chairman's Report - 2011

Post date: May 03, 2011 12:18:33 AM


Last year 2010 ended the way it began with very cold severe weather. 2011 has arrived with warnings from the Government of severe economic cuts.

As we look at the spiritual and moral thermometer of our nation, we have much cause for concern as we see the decline in Biblical values all around us,

We praise the Lord that we are not trusting in men but in the Living God.


We have a great message of hope and salvation to proclaim. l do believe that Cumbria Gospel Outreach has a leading role to play in sharing the Gospel to so many in our county who have never heard of the way of salvation not to mention the many thousands who visit Cumbria on holiday.


Our thanks to all of you as individuals and Assemblies/Churches who have supported the work in your giving and prayers. We are indebted to our dedicated Committee and Trustees and to all who have given their time and effort to help at Keswick Market every Saturday and Penrith on Tuesday also the Shows and Fairs we attended last Summer season. We thank the Jackson family for kindly allowing us to park the on their Farm near Penrith which is so convenient. Thanks also to Mrs. Riley from Maryport who has accommodated the Van this Winter. We are so grateful to everybody who has committed themselves to working with us - would you? The fields are white unto harvest but the labourers are few. Your County needs you,

We welcome our brother Frank Lonney who is hoping to join us for a few weeks in July DV.


We are thrilled to know of many whose lives have been changed for Eternity through the witness of over the last 99 years. Will you stand with us in 201 We will be celebrating 100 years of Outreach in Cumbria in 2012 and to mark this special occasion we will be holding a day of Celebration at Hebron Evangelical Church, Carlisle, on Saturday 12"' May 2012

John Heron (Chairman)