Chairman's Report 2007

Post date: Sep 28, 2008 8:42:24 PM


As we step out into 2008, the prospects for our country and world look bleak on the economic front, not to mention the sad deterioration of moral standards and the increase in the prison population. May our response be the same as our Lord when He looked over the multitude and was moved with compassion for them.


We praise the Lord for the great time we shared together at the Fellowship Rally at Kirkby Stephen.

Problems with flooding and Foot & Mouth disease were devastating as many of the Shows were cancelled, yet we praise the Lord For the many contacts we made at the Markets and Shows and the new venues at the Vintage Rally at Kirkby Stephen and Appleby Fair which proved to be one of the most profitable events we attended. Praise the Lord!


What a great privilege it has been for us to work together in the Lord's work through Cumbria Gospel Outreach but surely the greatest privilege being to be working with God.

Again we are indebted to all who have regularly helped with the work at Penrith and Keswick Markets which continue on each week during the year Can I express our appreciation and thanks to all who have helped and supported the work and particularly to our Secretary, Bill Fallon, and Treasurer, David Johnston.


We look forward to all the events planned in 2008 D.V. Our desire would be that you ll pray for us. Our brother Bill would particularly value your prayers that he would be restored to health again.

It will be our privilege to welcome you to the Fellowship Rally at Hebron Evangelical Church at Carlisle on 26th Apr 2008 D.V.

We praise the Lord for all that is past and now look forward with expectation to 2008.

Would you stand with us in prayer as we together take the Good News of the Gospel to Cumbria.

John Heron (Chairman)