Appleby Show - August 2019

Post date: Sep 17, 2019 1:25:37 PM

Although the forecast was promising, we did have some rain early in the morning. On arriving at the Showground we were asked to park in an area which was not part of the main Showground but with some other charitable organisations which was disappointing. We met many people walking past with their dogs who accepted “A Man’s Best Friend”, some local people who John knew stopped to talk.

‘J’, a Catholic lady spoke and took “Purpose of Life” and “What the Catholic Bible Says.” A lady from North Carolina, U.S.A., spoke to us, John commented: “you must be near the Billy Graham Library Centre, she said “Yes”, giving an opportunity to share the Gospel with her.

‘W’ had a long talk but was entrenched in his own ideas and little interest in God’s Word. In contrast, a young man from Bristol working for the BBC, rarely going to Church, was open and seeking for God. It was amazing if he had been the only person we shared with at the Show, it would have made our visit worthwhile. After explaining the way of salvation, he happily took “God’s Story” and some Billy Graham DVD’s. Do pray he will come to know Jesus as his Saviour.

Despite our disappointment in where the pitch was, we praise the Lord for touching lives.

Paul Clatworthy and John Heron