Appleby Show - August 2018

Post date: Sep 15, 2018 3:43:16 PM

This year’s Show was held in a new location which proved to be a great place and the day crowned with beautiful sunshine encouraging people to attend.

We met many local folks including farmers – the leaflet “Faith in Farming” was well received as was the title “A Man’s Best Friend” with dog owners. Many children came to the Guessing Box and were happy to accept a sweet and the “Josh and Jade” booklet whilst Parents were offered “Family Matters.” What a joy to see whole families leaving with the message of salvation.

Two young ladies from Darlington who often visited Cumbria, stopped by with their baby in a pushchair, both had occasionally attended church but didn’t know anything about being born again and listened intently as we explained the Gospel, they accepted a number of leaflets. What a joy to share with folks who show a real interest, pray that the Word will be fruitful.

Two stall holders nearby spoke to Ron and John, “E” said she was an atheist while her friend was more accepting of the Christian message. We gave them a hand to pack away their equipment after which they accepted a number of leaflets including “Christ rather than Religion”, “Reason to Believe” and “Start Again” from Our Daily Bread.

We left as we arrived with the sun still shining. Our prayer is that the light of the Gospel for the first time will shine into many hearts.

John Heron and Ron Marston.