Appleby Show - August 2017

Post date: Aug 23, 2017 4:51:4 PM

For the first time in a few years, the sun shone the whole day for Appleby Show encouraging visitors on holiday plus many local people to attend the Show.

Ron spoke to a lady from South Wales who had been praying to see a Gospel witness at the Show, she was so thrilled to see the Van and as travelling around Cumbria she felt God was going to move in blessing in a special way in Cumbria.

A Christian couple from Haltwhistle were looking for a church and we encouraged them to visit Bethesda at Brampton.

A couple from Essex who were Jehovah Witnesses, accepted a booklet, they described themselves as Christians and we explained to them that they were not true disciples of Jesus according to the Bible.

A local farmer along with a friend talked of few people attending his local church and saying the services were not meaningful. We explained the difference between a religious service and a church which was spiritually alive and he accepted a booklet.

A 15yr.old school boy was happy to accept “Reason to Believe” and “The Agricultural Show”, he attended a church school but had little idea how to be saved – we explained the Gospel to him.

K was a 10yr.old who was really bright visiting us with a friend. We talked her through the message of the Flipper Flopper, then she went through it herself telling her Mum the message and asking to take one.

A young lady who was going to be riding a thoroughbred horse in the Show talked about how to become a Christian, she was really interested and left us to go riding with “Reason to Believe.”

We had a long talk to a Christian family on holiday who had travelled from the South and encouraged them, they promised to visit our assembly next time they visit the area.

A young couple with baby in pram who were farming near Penrith, he was asking questions and had seen a friend’s life turned around from drugs and drink to living for Jesus Christ and attending a church in Penrith. We gave them literature including “God’s Story” suggesting they go along to the same church.

Many other conversations were held and booklets given out including a talk with a Stall holder who we spoke to at Penrith and C who was saved at Appleby a few years ago. Pray for opportunities which we enjoyed at Appleby, to speak to many, and others who just accepted a booklet.

Ron Marston and John Heron