Appleby Show - August 2010

Post date: Aug 23, 2010 5:32:19 PM

We thank the Lord for a good day’s witness at Appleby Show. We were blessed with a dry day, even though at times the wind made things a little difficult. Praise God for a steady trickle of contacts, some of which were particularly encouraging. Here’s some of people that John Heron and Keith Bullock met .....

Laurence & grandson Alfie: They talked for quite while. John Heron knew Laurence from farming connections. Laurence’s daughter had recently started to go to church and think seriously about spiritual things. He said that every morning she read the bible with Alfie. Alfie seemed really keen to know more about the Lord, but Laurence didn’t feel it was for him. We chatted for a long tome about the gospel and he willingly took some booklets before going on his way. He seemed quite appreciative of the chat. Hopefully what is happening in his daughter and grandson’s life will have an impact on him.

David Singh: Asian man who was selling weatherproof clothing on the adjacent stall. He said that his father was the owner of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. On and off during the day we had the opportunity to show him little acts of kindness and ask him about his faith – Sikhism. He was friendly enough and at the end of the day accepted a booklet. He was encouraged to consider going along to one of the churches in Edinburgh and to start to think about things for himself and not simply to rely on what he’d been born into.

Nicola & children Billy & Sofie: Nicola was a young mother who listened well to the gospel explained to her. We took Billy through the gospel using a little card which was similar to the wordless book. They all listened well. Sofie hung around for a little longer and without going into great detail she explained that she often spent time in hospital with a health problem that she had. It was nice to talk to all of them and they all parted on very friendly terms but had been challenged.

Harry & Janet: This was a wonderful conversation. John made the initial contact, and Keith joined in the conversation. Couple in their early 60’s who had recently moved into the area from Essex. They were full of questions, particularly Harry. We felt that they were both searching. We covered a lot of ground with them from issues like the evil in the world, Israel, different religions etc. WE must have chatted for about ¾ hour. They kept saying they needed to go, but then another question would come from them. They were given contact details for Kirkby Stephen Gospel Hall, and they said they’d consider attending at some point. Let’s pray that we can make contact with them again. They were serious, as they listened to the gospel explained. They left with an Ultimate Questions a booklet entitled, “Why Believe the Bible?”

Mandy: Working with the voluntary ambulance service. John managed share a few things with her. She listened Ok but not sure there was much interest.

Blake, Glen & Abbie: Three children aged between 10 – 12. They had a go at the guessing box and this led to a good chat with them. It was a bit light-hearted at first, but thankfully we were able to be more serious with them. It was good to encourage them to think about the Bible to get to know more about Jesus.

Lydia & Mum: Lydia had a go at the guessing box, and we managed to have a chat with her mum. She was a young woman from Sunderland who was on a caravan holiday with the family. She said that she was A Roman Catholic. It was lovely for us to be able to encourage her to think seriously about her “personal “ relationship with the Lord, and challenged her about whether or not she knew Christ as her Saviour. She took a few booklets.

Amanda: She was lady who said that she loved going to Church. She was from Peterborough and this was her first visit to Cumbria. She was up visiting her sister who had just moved here. She attended a Church of England, and just loved the values they stood for – even sent her son to a C of E school. She was challenged about not only the social and moral teachings of the Bible, but also the spiritual dimension. It seemed as though she didn’t really understand about the new birth. She was very open and we had a lovely chat. She seemed pleased to have met us all, and she willing took some booklets. She was one of those sorts of people you can say pretty much anything to, and didn’t take offence. She said that she would really give some thought to the way we’d explained things.

John: Old farmer who was very much against what we were saying. It was all very friendly banter, but behind the smiles and the laughter was a man who was bitterly opposed to the Bible and Christianity. He had lots of objections which we tried to deal with, but he stubbornly kept changing the subject. The final straw was when we said we believed in creation and not the Bib Bang. He kind of went off laughing saying that the Big Bang was a proven fact. He was challenged about this. Amazingly he came back later on with a big bag of chips and offered us one. At least there was no ill feeling between us all and we pray that maybe the friendly attitude that we showed will in the future help another Christian who is the next link in the chain.

Chris: Keith had a wonderful conversation with this man who is in his early 60’s. He approached the unit looking at the Literature. Chatted to him for about ¾ hour. He is really searching. Lives in Longtown and runs his own animal feed business. He has been involved with the BNP, the Masons and has even delved into the Jehovah ‘s Witnesses. He really listened as we explained the simple truth of the gospel, and why it is unique. He was quite taken with what we had to say. John Heron thinks he may have spoken to him last year. He took a number of booklets including an Ultimate Question. On leaving he said” I’m so glad that I’ve met you today, it’s been a real help.” Please pray for Chris – he is really interested and realises that time is running short. We left him with details to make further contact if he wishes.

We look to the Lord to continue working in the lives of those we met. Many others too took tracts and booklets without necessarily stopping to talk. Who knows how the Lord will work.

Many thanks to Keith Bullock for providing this report from the Appleby Show.