Appleby Show - 2015

Post date: Sep 22, 2015 1:2:54 PM

Ron and I arrived at the Showground eventually finding our marked pitch.

We had many good talks with local people including many farmers from the Eden Valley. C who lives in the Carlisle area came and had a long talk about many issues including spiritual. It is always good to renew friendship with people who come and seek us out for a chat year after year and trust they are encouraged in their walk with the Lord or to seek Him.

Children kept us busy at the Guessing Box with opportunities to give them literature and share the Good News.

The Revd. Chris Blackshaw came to chat, John had met him on a previous occasion. Chris is involved with a Rural ministry to farmers in Cumbria who are going through difficult times financially, bereavement or loneliness. We were happy for Chris to add us to his contacts to be of help in our locality.

A lady from south of the County who had lost both her Father and Mother when they were quite young, had blamed God but she had attended an evangelical fellowship and was touched by the care and prayer of a sister who prayed for her. This dear lady was really open to the Gospel, please pray she and her family will soon be saved. We explained the Gospel through “Why Jesus” booklet and leading her through the steps to salvation as given in “On your Marks” booklet .

John had an encouraging conversation with a young lady who was on the bus with John after he had returned the Van to Penrith. The lady had a number of health issues and difficult relationships. Regarding her beliefs, she described herself as a pagan but she was happy to listen as I talked of the Lord’s love and care and his plan of salvation. I left her with “Reason to Believe” and “Family Matters”

Ron Marston and John Heron