Appleby Show - 18 August 2012

Post date: Sep 05, 2012 11:54:16 AM

John Stewart had a good journey to the Show ground at Appleby although he did need tractor assistance to the designated site. The weather was far from encouraging, nevertheless it was good to meet many local people and many others who we spoke to. The Guessing Box attracted two boys P. & W. Who were asking questions regarding the Truth of the Bible and also asking what we believed. We had a good conversation with them and gave them literature to read – do pray for them.

John met a gentleman from the Kendal area who he had given tracts to last year – he was happy to receive a Bible, returning a little later asking for another Bible and tracts for his cousin. Pray His word will keep speaking to these dear people.

John Stewart had the joy of leading a gentleman to the Lord – he had visited the van and spoken to us last year but he had not fully understood the need to commit his life to Christ. John clearly explained the way of salvation through the booklet Journey into Life. He was told about the commitment prayer at the end of the booklet and he prayed asking the Lord into His life. Do pray for this dear man that he will grow strong in his new faith.

For the first time, the Christadelphians had a tent at Appleby. One of their helpers came to enquire what we were doing when we explained that we were not promoting a denomination but pointing people to Jesus Christ. He stood and listened as we explained the Gospel and the need to receive Jesus by His Holy Spirit.

We left rejoicing that one soul had found the Saviour and others were returning home with the Word of God to bring new hope into their lives.

John Stewart and John Heron

Winning the Prize