Appleby Horse Fair Report - June 2019

Post date: Jun 23, 2019 8:58:21 PM


Paul and I arrived with the Van in Appleby on a bright morning. The Methodist Church kindly gave us permission to park in our usual position just at the roadside footpath where hundreds of people pass each day.

The first person we spoke to was a Security Officer who was happy to accept our “Eternity Stakes” leaflet.

Two young ladies from Southport stopped to talk when we shared the Gospel with them they left us with literature including the “Purpose of Life.”

Pat and Mandy and other members of the Team from Northern Ireland joined us when it was such a joy to renew fellowship with these faithful helpers and also Tony a friend from the Methodist Church.

J, a professional photographer from Southern Ireland called to speak as we had met him last year, we soon learnt he was not a believer, while talking we commented that so many had little understanding of how to become a Christian. John had the joy of sharing and explaining the way of salvation. He called later when Anne from the Team shared her testimony with him. We encouraged him to pray the prayer in “God’s Story.”

M, was not sure Jesus was the only way to God. We said Jesus didn’t give the option of being only a prophet. This seeking lady left us with helpful leaflets.

There were a few folks who showed little interest in contrast to a young lady from Southern Ireland with her daughter who was really seeking who had a Catholic background. We gave her “What the Catholic Bible says” and “God’s Story” explaining the need for New Birth. This lady was listening well to the message, please do pray her interest will result in salvation.

Many children came to the Guessing Box and what a joy to share the way of salvation with them and their parents, with the help of the Flippa Floppa and Optical Illusion cards. Many children took the Josh and Jade leaflets and Children’s DVD’s.

The day ended with heavy rain and people sheltering under the Van Canopy.


Saturday began with heavy rain until 11 a.m. when the rain was lighter encouraging more people to come into the road by the river with their horses. We spoke to visitors from around the world including Germany and Hungary.

I, a smart young man from Southern Ireland spoke to John but didn’t believe Jesus was the Son of God and other unusual ideas. Tim who lives in his area was able to answer many of his questions.

Two lads from Nottingham, sheltering in the Church Porch from the rain chatted and we gave them “Eternity Stakes.”

S, a young man from London filming the Travellers, spent some time listening to John sharing the Christian message which he had no knowledge of but was so open to the message and happily took “God’s Story.” We suggested he could become a Christian at the Fair.

A couple from Devon who have attended the Fair over the last few years came to talk to us again and we shared the Gospel but it was good to welcome both of them to our Evening Service.

T and E from the Midlands were not sure they could believe all of the Bible but still accepted a New Testament and “God’s Story.”

T , asked for Prayer, after 25 years away from the Lord – what a joy with the Northern Ireland team to lead her back to the Lord.

S who was with a TV team when we explained that true Christianity is a relationship.

JN from New Market had lost his wife, speaking to him of forgiveness he found this difficult to accept but we gave him helpful booklets which we trust would be a help to him.

A young man from Newcastle came asking for helpful literature such as “Start Again”, “How to be Happy”, “How to Stay Alive”. John sensed he was seeking and asked him if he would like to chat in the van and after a long talk sharing how to be saved, how God could take away guilt and fear, after careful consideration he looked at the prayer in “God’s Story” and asked the Lord into his heart, then leaving to catch the train home. What a joy to learn for the first time, he had attended an Evangelical Church on the Sunday morning. We left with joy in our hearts after meeting so many souls and families with children having taken booklets and DVD’s.

The weekend finished with Ronnie McCracken and the team sharing Testimony and Singing and Ronnie preaching. We were encouraged to see the Church full and people who visited us at Appleby attending. We praise the Lord for His help and blessing as we begin the Summer work with the Van.