Appleby Horse Fair - June 2010

Post date: Aug 10, 2010 9:49:49 PM

David Filby and John Heron have kindly provided this report from the Appleby Horse Fair

Once again we were indebted to Paul Dunston for the use of the Methodist Church car park in Appleby which is in an ideal location also the help of a number of Church members who provided us with refreshments.

It was a really hot day with many people around not only Gypsies but visitors from all over the Country.

We gave away many tracts, bookmarks and picture texts which the travellers love.

John was invited to meet the Leader of the Gypsies on the Fair Hill Field who was very open to the Gospel and many of his family and friends took the picture texts of the Bow-top Horse Drawn Vans and on leaving some gypsies were running after us asking for more. We pray that the entrance of His Word will bring light.

Back on the main street sitting in the car park, was an older lady and a Mother with her younger daughter, the heartbroken Mother asked for help with her teenage son and we tried to advise her and shared the Gospel with her, we have since been in contact by phone – please pray for wisdom for her and that the Lord will bless the whole family and that they may come to understand the Gospel.

A conversation was had with the Gypsy who was saved last year who said he was unable to come to the Fair this year but said he would bring his Wife to see us. Pray that his Wife and family will seek the Lord.

David Filby and John Heron