Appleby Horse Fair - 2016

Post date: Jun 27, 2016 9:20:36 AM

Once again we had the privilege of attending the Annual Gypsy Fair at Appleby with 10,000 travellers arriving in the small Market Town with their Horses and Bow-top Caravans from all over the U.K. attracting 30,000 visitors –although the numbers may have been slightly down on previous years but a great opportunity to share the Gospel.

We were again blessed to have help from Ronnie and Pat McCracken and a team of helpers – what a joy to work together with such an enthusiastic team. A Christian friend in Appleby kindly let us have the use of a vacant shop where we were able to serve Coffee and Teas to visitors and share the Word while others helped on the Van and around the town, others of the team visiting the travellers in their caravans on the fields. Billy Welsh and his Wife were again so welcoming to us as we met them at their caravan on the Hill sharing a cup of tea and again Billy was happy to organise a meeting on Sunday morning when Ronnie spoke. Again we are indebted to friends at the Sands Methodist Church for allowing us to park the van at the entrance to their car park a wonderful position.

On Friday, one of our first visitors was J from the south of Ireland, he has attended many gypsy fairs with the purpose of taking pictures for his web site. J had many searching questions and was happy to take away a Fob to listen to.

A gentleman from Peterborough again his name was J, he spent much time sharing how he felt – his seeking the Lord was great to see, it was a pleasure to give him Billy Graham’s DVD and a Fob to listen to, along with some tracts.

A couple from Anglesey stayed to talk for nearly 30 minutes, again had many questions about the Bible, Christian faith – what a joy to talk to this lovely couple who were seeking the Lord inviting us to visit them at home. A young couple with Ronnie’s team who were working with OM in the south of Ireland inviting them to visit a Cottage they had in the Irish Republic – they were keen to take “God’s Story” and a DVD. Please pray for them – we have spoken to them since they returned home.

Standing near the van, John said to a lady and her friend they must be religious as they were standing so near to a Christian stall – this lady was not a believer and her friend was not interested. P shared how she felt her mother had been born again (having died some time ago) she said “my Mother would be proud of me if I was saved.” Going through the ABC of the Gospel and urging her to give her life to the Lord, P said “I have goose bumps as you share the Gospel with me” – pray she will respond as she listens to the CD of Gypsy Smith and DVD of testimonies.

C, a gypsy lady, we gave her the story of Gypsy Smith, Ronnie had brought 1,000 of these CD’s, all were taken along with hundreds of the TELit tracts “Eternity Stakes” and “A Man’s Best Friend”not to mention the many other titles

One of the RSPCA officers stopped and talked telling us about his work with the horses and he went on to say he was an atheist but was still pleased to accept one of the CD’s. John met a gentleman from Sheffield who attends Horse sales and Gypsy Fair along with his lady friend, we had a friendly chat and he took away one of the Fobs to listen to – pray that the simple Gospel message will impact his life and his friend.

On Saturday, Ron Marston and Tony from the Methodist church came along to help and support along with some ladies who supported us and made us refreshments. A dear couple from Oakhampton who we have had long talks to over the last two years again called to share what had taken place in their lives since last year, J is a born again Christian and longs for her husband to give his life to the Lord, we encouraged him to take that step. Tony had the joy of having a long talk to a friend he had previously shared the Gospel with.

We had wonderful fellowship, wonderful weather and a wonderful Gospel to share. We know the Lord will keep the wonderful promise that His Word will not return unto Him empty.

John Heron/Ron Marston