Appleby Horse Fair 2012

Post date: Jul 24, 2012 12:12:5 PM

Once again Appleby Gypsy Fair proved to be an eventful occasion with so many opportunities to share the Gospel.Many travellers arriving in local villages and days before the Fair, we had the joy of meeting a family in Warcop – Syd is a Christian and he would value your prayers as he is suffering from cancer. Whilst speaking to Syd in his Bow top caravan, a team from Welsh T.V. arrived, I mentioned many gypsies were “born again” to which Syd added, in John ch.3.v.3. the Bible says unless you are “born again” you cannot see the kingdom of heaven. The T.V. team later continued filming them harnessing the horse but not before being left in any doubt of the need to be “born again”.

It was a joy to be joined by John Stewart at Appleby this year and on arriving on Friday morning, David Filby had already parked the Van in the car park at the Methodist Church, kindly loaned for the duration of the Fair by Paul Dunston. It was also good to be joined by two ladies from the church in the afternoon including many other Christians called to encourage us including gypsies. We experienced mainly dry weather with just a few showers.

    • We had a long talk about salvation with Isaac, a man that had a wife who is a Christian and family who are believers He stated he was interested but did not want to make a decision, what a contrast when a young boy named Isaac who attends our Family Service at Kirkby Stephen was excited to tell us he had given his life to Jesus.

We had good contact with Tommy who is a keen Christian among the travellers.

A Christian traveller from Darlington who knew and spoke with us to a couple with whom he had shared the Gospel previously - he was interested but not willing to make any commitment to the Lord, whilst the lady listened and took everything in.

    • Two young lads – Kerry and John – were interested and took a leaflet.

    • John had a long talk to a couple and their teenage daughter from the Birmingham area who were very happy to listen to us. We explained what it meant to the “born again”. Do pray for them as they read “Y Jesus” and “Journey into Life”.

    • J.and G. from Oakhampton spent nearly an hour talking. The lady attended an Evangelical Church and G. had a lot of questions although he was not opposed to the Lord. He wanted to know why so much suffering in the world and some other issues. G. happily took 10 Reasons to believe why God allows suffering – do pray G. will be led to the Lord.

    • At Appleby we had the experience of talking yet again to another T.V. crew from Channel 4. They were interested in what we were doing . A young lady from the team shared about her time at Durham University and listened as we explained about New Life in Christ.

K. from Chorley said he was born a Christian and we explained the Gospel to him.

A lady living near Skipton was so interested we shared how she could be saved and after giving her booklets and John’s Gospel, we pointed to the prayer to give her life to the Lord and she asked if we could mark where this was promising to pray and ask the Lord into her life.

A young man selling cake and promoting his own religious beliefs saying there were many ways to God. We pointed him to John ch.14.v.6. – I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

One gypsy commented he needed to get on his knee and get right with God – pray he will.

A Chinese student studying at York said “I am saved and baptised”.

Appleby - Monday.

John Stewart and I visited the Gypsy site with a friend Tony although a number of gypsies had moved off the site.

We had a jovial time with a Turkish man at his stall – he was courteous and reserved and we gave him literature. John had met him at Penrith Market last year.

4 Irish Catholic gypsies thought their religion was right and “born again” Christians were wrong. They asked about Mary and the mass etc. but took a leaflet and shook hands.

K. showed us his work painting the horse drawn caravans - we shared the Gospel and he took tracts as did his brother J.

Many of the people we talked to knew “born again” Christians who they respected but did not want to make any commitment.

We were also able to meet the leader (king) of the gypsies and had a long talk with him and he was pleased to accept a Jubilee New Testament and booklet.

We praise the Lord for answering our prayers in giving us predominately dry weather whilst most surrounding villages experienced many heavy showers of rain.

Please remember in your prayers many people we contacted and gave literature to – too many to record in this report. We look forward to the Lord to continue to bless the sowing of the seed.

John Stewart, David Filby and John Heron attended.