Appleby Gypsy Fair - June 2018

Post date: Jul 26, 2018 11:57:35 AM

John Heron

We appreciated all the help during the weekend, Ronnie and Pat and the team leaving for the ferry at Cairnryan on Monday. We also appreciated the Gideon friends who distributed over 2000 New Testaments and Bibles and saw a few people profess faith, pray that the good seed will, as promised, bring forth fruit to the blessing of many and the Lord be glorified. What a joy to see so many working together in sharing the Gospel.

A couple we had met in previous years came and spoke to us for 2 days. They attended our Fellowship at Kirkby Stephen attending the Evening Service when the team from N.Ireland took the Service. Talking afterwards the gentleman asked if he could have a booklet with the Prayer of Commitment included in it. Pray that he will respond and ask the Lord into his life.

A well dressed couple had travelled all the way from Denmark, they accepted “Eternity Stakes” and “Start Again.”

talked about the Lord when he showed real interest.

“G” from Scotland had never been to Appleby before - John asked him about church and

Ken came to the Van using his walking stick, other people had previously spoken to him and he said “I have never asked Jesus into my life. When we explained to him the need to receive the Lord into his heart, mentioning John 1:12, he said “Why could I not pray now, he bowed his head as we prayed and he said the Lord has taken away my fear of death.

“M” and “J” from Stanley were upset having lost their daughter of 36 years. We gave them “Peace of God” and “God’s Story” and they both looked at the prayer of commitment, we also gave them a New Testament. They left us saying they would attend Church – this was a turning point in their lives.

“A” a young lady from Newcastle was a Buddhist, we told her she would only find Forgiveness and Peace in Jesus, we gave her “God’s Story” and “Y Jesus” then she asked us for more tracts including “Is the Bible Reliable.”

Saturday saw Jim McCallam and Wesley Brewer joined us, it was also good to have Barry Cummins from Barrow call into the Fair.

“K” and “N”, two young ladies from Glasgow were so open and listened as we shared the Gospel, asking many questions – we left them reading “God’s Story.”

Ian from Wales spoke for a while as we gave him tracts .

“A” from Hartlepool who managed a pub talked a long time and knew many of the folks we know in the Appleby area. It was good to see him take the booklet “Eternity Stakes.”

“V” from Durham who had been Horse riding but sadly had broken her arm remarked that since her accident many of her friends had not been supportive. What a privilege to share about Jesus, the best friend – she happily took a DVD.

The time for the Annual Appleby Gypsy Fair arrived with thousands of travellers parking their Caravans in the surrounding Villages and on the grass verges. Ron Marston kindly took the Van early on Friday morning, the Methodist Church once again allowing us to park at the entrance to the church car park which is a great location. Tony Allison from the church came to help us. The team from Northern Ireland joined us for yet another year and were there to support us on the Van and also walk around witnessing at the New Fair Field. We are always amazed at how far people have travelled to be at the Fair. Nelson a Christian from London came to encourage us.

Many young people were standing near the Van, “A” a 15 year old listened as we shared with her the ABC of the Gospel after which she remarked, don’t speak to my mother, she is not interested.