Appleby Gypsy Fair - June 2017

Post date: Jul 16, 2017 3:37:31 PM

Once again another Annual Gypsy Fair time arrived with a forecast of a dry day on Friday and rain on Saturday.As we arrived on the Friday with the Van, we were joined by 10 other helpers from Northern Ireland with Ronnie McCracken and for the first time, some Gideon friends who focused mostly their distribution of New Testaments on the Hill, visiting the travellers in their caravans and around crowds in Appleby. Nearly 2,500 Testaments were accepted – pray that many who received the written Word would also accept our Saviour, the Living Word.

Our thanks to the Methodist Church for kindly allowing us to park the Van at the entrance to their car park.

Our friend Tony who lives locally and attends a local Church helped all day along with two ladies, Irene and Rhoda from the Northern Ireland team.

Our first visitors were a family from London living near Heathrow, John shared the Gospel with them having a long discussion about how to be sure of Heaven with the 16yr. old daughter. The whole family grieving as the Grandma had lost her 36yr. old daughter to a rare illness. We gave them some seats from the Church and the whole family spent the rest of the day near the Van and all accepted a New Testament and other helpful literature.

D and J, a couple in their 40’s talked for quite some time about the way of Salvation having attended an Alpha Course, we left them with “God’s Story” and New Testament.

Last year we witnessed to K who lives in Shropshire, it was a joy when he came to tell us that he had trusted the Lord since we witnessed to him last year, it was our privilege to pray for him.

J, a young lady from Lancaster called on her way to catch a train, she had never heard the Gospel before but she was eager to listen as we told of God’s way to Heaven, she asked for leaflets and Billy Graham’s DVD.

A young lady had brought a Horse and Trap from Bristol, she was sitting on the seat of the trap with her horse yoked up, her partner was talking to a friend while John shared the Gospel with her for 30 mins., she accepted a New Testament writing in some passages of Scripture to read such as John ch.3, Psalm 139. Later we learnt her Horse had won a prize and they asked us to take photographs.

Another couple from Devon again came to see us having spoken to Ronnie last year – it was a joy to see them both at the Service on the Sunday night at Kirkby Stephen when the N.Ireland team shared and sang. Ronnie was speaking and what a great time we had, we know of two men seeking the Lord after the meeting.

B, a middle aged gentleman had many questions to ask about God. We left thanking God for so many opportunities to share the Good News.

Saturday was a new day with rain falling. Tony’s wife Jean joined Jim and I in prayer to ask the Lord for a fine day, as we left the van the rain had stopped – Praise the Lord. Many people told us there was torrential rain all around the surrounding villages.

We also appreciated the help of Ron Marston and Wes Brewer, a young man in Kirkby Stephen assembly.

K, an R.S.P.C.A. Officer, was pleased to see us asking “what have you for us today” – we gladly gave him and his female helper some leaflets we had entitled “It just Happened”.

Again the family from London took their seats near the van – do remember them in your prayers.

K and D, a young couple from Durham, who had never attended a church listened so well as we shared the Gospel and they accepted leaflets including “God’s Story.”

M and C from Nottingham had no understanding of the Christian message but they happily listened and took a New Testament and “Reason to Believe” also “God’s Story.”

Pauline and husband came from Aberdeen and as we were sharing the Gospel we learnt Pauline had a friend who was a Born Again Christian – this friend had been witnessing to them and they left us after we encouraged them to listen to their friend. We suggested that it was not coincidence that we were talking to them and God was speaking and knocking on the door of their Hearts.

We left Appleby about 6.30.p.m.

The team were back later talking to folks around the town and on Sunday morning they took part in a Service with the Gypsies then to Kirkby Stephen for the Evening Service.

We thank the Lord for all who worked so hard at Appleby – much seed has been sown, we look to the Lord for continued blessing.

John Heron