Appleby Gypsy Fair - June 2014

Post date: Jun 24, 2014 10:20:37 PM

2014 Gypsy Fair at Appleby began with wonderful Summer weather. Brother David Filby arrived with the Gospel Van which was once again parked at the entrance to the Methodist Church car park by kind permission of the Minister, John Morton. We also appreciated help from friends at the Church . We were so encouraged to have Ronnie and Pat McCracken come to help along with 14 Christians from N. Ireland. What a great work they did. They were able to share the Gospel in other parts of Appleby and up on the Fair Hill field and from the Tent which they had erected amongst the Travellers caravans. Hannah and Kerry were among some of our first visitors – nobody had ever explained to them how to be saved. What a joy to go through the ‘ABC’ of the Gospel as they listened intently and before leaving they took ‘Journey into Life’ and ‘On your Marks’. Rose from Dundee spoke to us and was very disillusioned with the Catholic Church. We explained about Christianity being a relationship with Jesus and she took the story of Gypsy Smith and 10 Reasons to Believe in the Christian faith. Eileen from Galloway said she needed to get back to Church. Another Gypsy said “I need to get back to the Lord.” Karen, a Christian Gypsy shared how God had met her needs and helped her through illness also sharing her faith with another Gypsy man who said he wasn’t a Christian. Karen was enthusiastic encouraging many travellers to visit the Tent on the Hill if they wanted to be Born Again. Praise the Lord for those who went to the Tent and as a result were counselled by the friends from N.Ireland , some professed faith in the Lord and others were prayed with and re-dedicated their lives to the Lord.Stacey and Amy, two teenagers from Dumfries listened so well as we shared the Gospel, also accepting ‘On Your Marks.’

From Tenby in North Wales, a Grandmother brought James when we demonstrated the ‘Flipper Flopper’ tract , and we shared the Gospel with her and she took Reason to Believe.

Jim McCallum joined us on Saturday when the weather was damp and wet and fewer people around.Christina and Amanda from Heysham spent time with us – they had once worked locally and were happy to receive a CD of a testimony and other literature.

A 16 yr.old teenager had difficult issues at home and we gave her ‘Journey into Life’ and urged her to give her life to the Lord.

Last year we met a dear couple from Devon, Jenny is a believer but her husband has many doubts. John asked if he had given his life to the Lord since we last spoke 12 months ago he then explained a number of reasons why he had not made a decision. We then introduced Spencer, a young man with the N.Ireland team and spent 20 minutes sharing his testimony. Pray that the Lord may use our witness to him to bring him to a decision to accept Lord.

The day ended as it began, dull and wet but our spirits were bright as we recalled the many souls who we had the joy of sharing such a great message of Joy and Hope. Do pray that more fruit will be to God’s Glory.

David Filby, Jim McCallam and John Heron.