Appleby Gypsy Fair - June 2011

Post date: Sep 07, 2011 5:30:1 PM

Once again the Lord blessed us with wonderful weather for the Fair at Appleby. We are indebted to Paul Dunston of the Methodist Church for kindly allowing us to use the car park. We also appreciated help from some friends from the Church also Keith and Marion Bullock theywere unable to be with on Saturday as Keith was not well due to an Asthma allergy. David Filby brought the Van to the site before 8.30 a.m. and so began two really busy days with over 10,000 Gypsies attending and over 30,000 visitors and many horses in the very near vicinity.

Two girls who had studied Film Production at University chatted – Alisha was Italian they both described themselves as atheists although they were open as we explained why they should believe in God – they happily accepted The Reason to Believe.

Richard and family, Christians from Birmingham called to encourage us (as so many others do) whilst we were there. Tracey and Tanya from Bridlington both showed interest as we explained what it meant to be born again – they said they would both attend an Alpha Course at a Church they knew; Katie, a traveller, with her 3 children (two of which were twins) was really open to the Gospel she told us that her brother was a born again Christian – she took ‘Your numbers Up’ and ‘The Drome’ tracts. John encouraged Katie to give her life to the Lord.

Boniface who lived locally had a long talk to Keith he was born in Kenya and talked of his life issues that needed dealt with, he accepted the need to be born again and Keith had the joy of taking him into the Van, going through the scriptures with him and leading him to the Lord. Do pray for Boniface that he will be strengthened in his new found faith.

A lady with her daughter and friend, called to thank us for all the help we gave her last year and it was great to see a complete change in her circumstances. We were encouraged to see her again after 12 months; after spending an hour with us she gladly accepted tracts and an invitation to attend our Family Time at Kirkby Stephen.

Kathleen from Bradford shared that quite recently she had lost 3 members of her close family, we gave her ‘Living with Loss’ and ‘10 Reasons to Believe’. Do pray that Kathleen will find comfort and come to know the Lord through her loss. Sasha had travelled from London with her flat mates both of whom were Christians they shared their faith with her. Sasha was really thinking seriously and took 10 Reasons to Believe the Bible. Kaitlyn listened intently whilst we told her the Gospel using the Flipper Flopper and the re-told the story to her parents. We spoke to Janine and Lorraine as they passed by, but, Loraine was indifferent Jasmine however wanted to listen and asked many questions and took” Journey into Life”.

Two ladies Alisha and Linda both travellers had sat near the Van with their family for quite a time we took a photo of the children (who were beautifully dressed) later John asked if they were Christians and both said they were saved and Baptised as teenagers but sadly had married husbands who had no interest in the things of God. They both said they were backsliders – do pray they will be restored to the Lord.

As we left about 6 p.m. we were thrilled to have had the joy of sharing about the Lord with so many people from different places and backgrounds. Do pray that the written and spoken Word will continue to be fruitful.

John Heron, David Filby, Keith & Marion Bullock