Appleby Gypsy Fair - June 2008

Post date: Sep 28, 2008 9:38:38 PM

Our thanks to our brother John Heron for his reports on the Kirkby Stephen - Vintage Car Rally and the Appleby Gypsy Fair.

Once again, thousands of travellers and visitors arrived at Appleby for the Annual Fair. Members of the Assembly at Kirkby Stephen were helped by Keith and Marion Bullock from Carlisle. What a great day we had distributing hundreds of Gospel tracts and meeting so many people who passed by our display situated in the Methodist church car park. Our thanks and appreciation to Paul Dunston, for the use of the car park, and for the help and hospitality received from friends at the Church.

A lady called Joan and her friend both of whom had recently lost their husbands, asked for a booklet on “Life after Death” and “Living with Loss”. Two girls asked questions and took tracts, they were sleeping in a car and had travelled to the fair from Manchester.

Mick and Lynn from Hartlepool took a CD “Sure of Heaven and the Purpose of Life“. Tanya and Katie spent time talking and asking questions; Jim, a Catholic, came with his 4 children, all interested and took Bibles and pictures, pray for this lovely family. Later that evening, we left Appleby, negotiating our way home through the crowds of travellers and horses, praising the Lord for the joy of sharing with so many, the way of salvation.

On Monday morning, John took Keith and Marion to the Fair to meet travellers in their caravans, enjoying a cuppa with them around the camp fires, there we were able to share with many the way of salvation. Arriving at one caravan, a catholic lady talked to Marion about her faith, Marion was able to relate to her, with her catholic upbringing she was able to share her faith in the Lord. A travelling lady called Ada, asked for prayer, she was finding life difficult living with her husband who is not saved.

John was talking to two girls, one, according to her friend, didn’t understand the Gospel, after sharing the way of salvation with them, Nicola then said “I would like to become a Christian and I want to do it now” - what a joy it was to lead her in a prayer of commitment to the Lord We all went on our way rejoicing.

John Heron (Chairman)