Appleby Gypsy Fair 2013

Post date: Jul 02, 2013 6:58:53 AM

Once again Appleby Gypsy Fair proved to be an eventful occasion with wonderful weather. Many travellers descended on surrounding villages before the Fair began. John met a number of travellers at Warcop seeking grazing for horses. It was encouraging to meet one lady who was a keen Christian and her 16yr.old son happily talked of his faith in the Lord Jesus, having recently been baptised and it was a joy to meet him as he was so excited about his faith showing me texts on his ‘phone with the promises of God i.e. God is with me and cares for me. Jim McCallam, Ron Marston and John Heron were joined by friends from the Methodist Church and a team of helpers from Northern Ireland led by Ronnie McCracken – it was a joy to have their help and fellowship in the Gospel.

We were blessed with wonderful weather as 10,000 travellers and 30,000 visitors descended on Appleby when we arrived at 8.30a.m. on Friday morning parking at the entrance to the Methodist Church car park by kind permission of the Methodist Minister, Paul Dunston

P. & A. from Kilmarnock who were not Church attenders, showed a real interest as we shared the Gospel and they happily took “Journey into Life”. Michael from N.Ireland said he was a Catholic and asked what it meant to be born again and to know Jesus. R. from Carlisle took booklets.

J. was an Indian Hindu from Manchester and John spent a long time explaining the Gospel to this young lady who was so open to the message, taking tracts with her and promising to let us know when she accepted the Lord.We renewed friendship with a G.& J., a lovely Christian lady concerned to see her husband coming to the Lord. Ronnie and John enjoyed explaining questions he was asking and he requested the booklet which included the “sinner’s prayer” – please pray for this man that he will take a step of faith. Speaking to a couple from Houghton-le-Spring they said they had gone to a Spiritualist Church, we explained the dangers and gave them appropriate literature.

L, a teenager from Lincoln said she would love to ride the horses and was brought up near Travellers when she mentioned she had never heard about the “New Birth” enabling us to share the message of salvation with her.


C. was our first visitor, a Church organist who had little appreciation of being saved. We gave her a number of tracts.

As John talked to S. from Northern Ireland selling DVD’s, Ronnie from N.Ireland joined in discussion suggesting how he could improve the presentation of his DVD’s. Pray he will contact Ronnie back in N.Ireland and find Jesus as his Saviour.

Ronnie and a friend had produced 2,000 of CD’s sharing Gypsy Smith’s story which we distributed widely at the Fair. Eddy, a traveller, who we shared Jesus with, was surprised to discover he was featured on the picture cover of the CD which he happily took for himself together with literature.L. held a conversation with her when she took “Journey into Life”. Paddy who said he was a Catholic took a CD and tracts. Ronnie and John had a good talk to an elderly couple who talked of how good he was to his family so that their future was secure when we had the privilege to tell him that eternal security and salvation were even more important. Please pray this couple will see their need of salvation.

We praise the Lord for the many conversations that were held, CD’s, tracts and Bibles given out not only from the Van but also around Caravans on the Fair Hill by our friends from Northern Ireland. Much seed was sown and we look to the Lord for the increase – keep praying.