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Penrith Show - July 2014

posted 18 Aug 2014, 08:52 by Stephen Hind
People at the van at the Penrith Show 2014
Penrith Show was again blessed with a warm sunny day and record crowds attending. Our position was similar to last year opposite the Bouncy Castle  not forgetting the Ice Cream Van only a few yards away.  

A continuous stream of people passed us from mid morning until late afternoon, many were local people, some we recognised from Appleby and Kirkby Stephen area and, as usual, many people from further afield on holiday.

Once again the Guessing Box was popular giving a good opportunity to speak to Parents and Children.  A number of children who we spoke to also listened as we used the Flipper Flopper to explain the Gospel and left with one accompanied by the tract “How to have a good friend” and literature for their parents.

Some young people from Kirkby Stephen spoke to us when we encouraged them to think about the Christian message and on leaving accepted “Reason to Believe” and Purpose of Life.”

More people at the vanAnother three teenagers came along, one saying I am an atheist – when we challenged him he was not really sure what he believed.  How good to have on hand the Radio Bible Class leaflet “10 Reasons to believe in God” – his friend had been confirmed in Church but had little understanding of why, do pray for Tom and his friends that as teenagers, they will find the Truth in Jesus.  Joy a Christian friend, arrived while talking to the lad and she shared her testimony with him.  Shaun and Edna were staunch Catholics and we sought to explain the difference between Christ Jesus and religion – they accepted the RBC leaflet dealing with the subject.

A Lawyer spent some time talking about her life experience and interest in the Christian faith and accepted literature.

A young lady, who worked in a local Building Society had a number of questions regarding why God allows suffering.  We trust our talk together along with the literature would help to answer her questions and lead her to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Again we were to have the joy of meeting many Christians including a family from Cookstown  in Northern Ireland and Chris who was saved at Appleby Show a few years ago – it was good to have a chat and encourage him to meet with local Christians.

Reflecting on the day, we thank the Lord for the freedom to speak to so many people, some who just spoke in passing and accepting tracts, others asking for a Bible and looking for answers.  Do pray the seed will fall on good ground.

Ron Marston and John Heron