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North Lonsdale Show - 25 July 2018

posted 1 Aug 2018, 08:03 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 1 Aug 2018, 08:03 ]
Unlike last year`s show date which brought record amounts of rain , this years show benefited from unbroken sunshine and produced record temperatures. This resulted in a corresponding  increase in attendance both of adults and children . The  “van” was fortunate in that it was situated close to the public`s entrance from the car park .

Visits to the  “van “ started early when two boys (brothers ) aged around 9 – 10 appeared at 8.30 to try their skill at the Guessing Box .While all the display materials had at that time not been unpacked , it was a privilege to share with them some of the Bible  stories linked to the objects in the box .They were followed by 40 to 50 other children during the day, all anxious to try their skill and display their knowledge(or lack of it )of the scriptures .

Barry had taken the opportunity to bring along his “True or False “  display board. This set out a series of 9 statements and  individuals were invited to state whether these were true or false .The statements were :Life has no meaning , Evolution is a theory , Money is everything , There is no God , Jesus is God , Sin is serious , God answers prayer , The Bible can be trusted , Heaven is for good people ,  The views expressed led to many long conversations being held and provided opportunities to state the truths of the Word of God . One lady , happy to express her beliefs correctly identified with true or false  all the statements , but had to admit that she was not perfect . She confessed that she sometimes told lies, but only white lies !  During further conversation it became evident  that she did try to live a “good” life  but that she still had no peace . She left with literature showing  how she could be sure of  peace with God.

A long conversation was held with a middle aged man who early on confessed that he had lost his faith and had turned his back on religion .In seems that in his younger days that he had been “ religious” and said that his best friend was in fact a Christian . His current view was that after life the body was committed to the ground and then was broken down into its constituent  elements . These were then assimilated into further life . On being reminded that life consisted of more than the body and that the soul was eternal .he likened this  to the thoughts of the living which after death went “upwards into the ether”!  He was offered a number  of helpful publications  but refused them .

During the course of the day many other conversations were held and tracts and leaflets handed out to adults and children . The precious seed was sown and we look to the Lord for the increase .

Barry Cummings and David Johnston.